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the body is like an ocean

rich with hidden treasures

open its innermost chamber

and lights its lamp




experience soulflow journeys

We are walking, talking nervous systems.

As the interface of body and mind, the state of our nervous system shows up in our physical health and our social relations, our ability to breathe, receive and listen, in the main storylines and all the moments of reactive or non-reactive behavior. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic healing modality for nervous system regulation and trauma release. It t works through gentle touch steeped in the deep understanding of the self-healing capacities of the body and the tidal expressions of the fluid body.


Based in the teachings of Craniosacral Therapy and stillness meditation, in the tender love of being with what is, the evolution of SOULFLOW JOURNEYS integrates  the vision of emotional balance, spiritual alignment and physical health into each session. By allowing transformative clearing within the different fields - esp. familial, ancestral and karmic, including personal and inter-generational trauma - the process of growing out of trauma into a sovereignly guided joy of being alive is sweetly supported.


The listening into poly-morphing fields is my love, and for me, it's like finding treasures in the dark, lifting light out of the heavy, discovering flow where there was dryness, color where there was shadow. Touch, breath and awareness are tools and pathways to alchemical transformation, and we are moving through presence, remembrance and stillness in the SOULFLOW JOURNEYS:

Presence: Be with what is. Tuning into tissues, fluids, fields, balance, imprints, memories and charges etc., while holding a space in which contractions, dissociations and holding patterns are acknowledged, neutralized and transformed.

Remembrance: Remember who you are. Listening to the naturally brilliant intelligence of the breath-body-mind and the potency of the fluid body to re-awaken balanced and expansive tidal flow of health within. Special attention is paid to the connection to the innocence of the inner child, the opening into the natural radiance of the heart and the spiritual alignment within the benevolent web of life we are all part of. Remembrance and reactivation of these connections is incredibly healing.

Stillness: Be still. Be One. In its deeper layers the tidal flow slows down considerably until it drops into spacious luminous stillness and vast cosmic expansion, which might go beyond any personal experience.

flow of
radiant health

The body has a stunning ability to regulate and heal itself. Like an orchestra, organs, tissues and fluids in health are expressing a multi-rhythmic, deeply inter-relational, harmonious dance.


As I am tuning into these poly-rhythmic tidal rivers of aliveness deep within the body, they invite in their reorganizational force profoundly clearing and expansive healing flowThe deeper especially the nervous system is nourished in its tidal flow between the cranium and the sacrum, the more joy, health and expansiveness will show in the whole system - and therefore in our lives: our physical wellbeing, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual alignment.

In a SOULFLOW JOURNEY the client relaxes fully clothed on a massage table. From a calm and centered space I attend to your system through light and gentle touch. This educated and relational touch invites feelings of embodied safety and opens possibilities for the breath-body-mind to unfold its stories, its holdings, its aches and pains. Through awareness and punctual verbal and energetic guidance this process facilitates the profound release of stored information and heart-centred re-orientation, expansion and lightness..


Each journey is tailored to the calling of the fields and guided by the vital flow of life in the body, the Breath of Life.


transmuting trauma & pain

Traumatic memories do not only inform the mind, they form the nervous system, the flow of the breath, our ability to be present within. Any accident and injury, the smaller or greater variations of neglect and abuse, experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual mal-nourishment can create trauma-responses.


The breath-body-mind, activated and unable to process and digest an overwhelming experience or a series thereof, tightly holds onto it and stores it in the tissues, the joints, the nervous system. The system gets hyper-sensitized and establishes patterns of experience (fight flight fawn fix flop freeze). Dissociation and numbness may be present.


The patterns of experience around contractions and dissociations can create serious disturbances and are able to pull a system out of its natural alignment around the spinal midline and out of full embodied interconnectivity and awareness. A cascade of symptoms may follow.


I listen deeply into these accumulations to invite a resourceful process of natural release, emotional integration and physical realignment to support the clients breath-body-mind to successfully unlearn traumatic responses and drop back into vitality and radiance.

Clouds in Sky

trauma is not
what happens to us,

but what we hold inside
in the absence
of an empathetic witness

peter levine



It fascinates me to observe how life invites us to explore ever new chapters to deepen and expand. Many health journeys are these invitations to grow.

Born and raised in West-Berlin, Germany, I worked with families living in extreme poverty in and around Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany, where I studied historical anthropology and education and specialized in art therapy. Inspired by my yoga practice, I wrote my bachelors on art and embodiment and my masters on the history of embodiment. By then I was teaching in the context of an interdisciplinary research project and finished my phd with honours on embodiment, community and ritual.

Moving out of this urban life style, the wild years of Berlin after the Wall came down, I arrived in Armstrong, BC of all places to live with my shining husband, some happily unbehaving children and all kinds of animals to root into the earth of this stunning land. I began to offer yoga and meditation classes and sessions for several healing modalities I practised over the years.

As craniosacral therapy found me, all these approaches weaved together in the biodynamic expression of emotionally integrated somatic healing: SOULFLOW JOURNEYS. It is the listening to stories within the tissues, the potential of growth within the contraction, the poly-rhythmic flow of health, of life, just waiting to express, that calls me in. In these moments, when a freeze of trauma melts back into the river of life and the breath-body-mind reconnects to deeper rescources of health, it seems like the Breath of Life lifts the person out of past confinement and into an expanded field of flowing light.

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what clients say


My cranio-sacral sessions with Victoria have been absolutely amazing. Her kindness and gentle nature have aided in deciphering the visuals and feelings I experienced during the sessions. Each session seemed to open up new areas and I believe the result is a decrease in my stress and anxiety levels. One interesting experience was when a body part such as a toe or a shoulder “yelled” at me with some level of pain, and it was attended to during the session, the pain was not only relieved but I felt like another door had opened.

I have also experienced decrease in pain in my osteoarthritic toes.

SW, Vernon

You are very intuitive. The success of these sessions came from my readiness to look within and equally from your intuitive ability to guide me through the unknown. All these places we went to were unknown to me and they were fascinating explorations! It is a profound relationship with you. You have to be a special soul to do that kind of work that you do. Normal counselling is more practical.

MM, Vernon

I am as happy and fulfilled

as butter if it found itself on a warm piece of toast where it can spread out and relax, fill into the cracks and leisurely drip over the sides.

There is no container.

KD, Vernon

Do you know to how many doctors and healers and shamans I went over the years? And with nobody I move like I move with you. It's you of course, and it is also this modality, which brings you home in your body.

NR, Lake Country

... a MOST heartfelt thank you for your skill and manner during our session... beautiful, unexpected and profound... 

so happy to have met you.

GB, Vernon

You pull this flow into a room. People can breathe around you.

MS, Vernon


I live with stage 4 cancer and what I love about Victoria's cranio-sacral sessions was that she wasn’t afraid to go deep with me, all the time making sure that I was doing ok as we explored and discovered together what was hiding in the dark. As each session progressed I began to discover and feel into parts of my body that I forgot were even there. With Victoria's encouragement I was able to welcome them back and start a new relationship with these parts that so desperately wanted to be loved and acknowledged. Each session I continued to find improvement in my breathing, my strength, my aches and pains and a greater feeling of overall health. I am truly grateful for Victorias courage as she supported me through some real difficult stuff. I feel privileged and truly blessed to work with her!


DK, Vernon

Hurt is just our own closed heart.

We never get abandoned by God.

AC, Lake Country

I did so much energy work over the years, but this is really different... This really works.

AH, Vernon

I feel like I've had an upgrade!

JR, Vernon


you are interested in a SOULFLOW HEALING JOURNEY? we are happy to have you!


tuesdays at tidal elements healing arts studio in vernon, bc

wednesday - friday online and in person at the inner ocean studio in armstrong, bc


go here for bookings at tidal elements

for any questions, inquiries about openings at the inner ocean studio and interest in a 15 min free consultation  kindly


text   250-938-3409

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thank you for being!

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